How to install Secure Privacy with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Websites using Google Tag Manager (GTM) can easily deploy Secure Privacy by following these step-by-step instructions.

We assume that you have already created a GTM account, created a website container in GTM and added the GTM container snippet to your website as required:

Implementing Secure Privacy in GTM

1. In your GTM container create a new tag by clicking Tags > New > Custom HTML Tag.

2. In the “HTML” field, insert the script tag from your installation page.

3. Choose “All pages” as a trigger and apply a name to your tag at the top of the configuration page, e.g. “Secure Privacy Script”. Click “Save” to create the tag. This is what your tag configuration should look like (except for the value of the API key):

4. Finally, click “Publish” to push your changes live to your site.

The consent banner is now active on your website.

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