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Understand what data you have on your website

The GDPR requires you to document what personal data you hold, where it's stored and who you may share it with.

Perform a website audit scan with Secure Privacy and discover your legal risk profile.

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Communicate the right privacy information

GDPR provide significant user rights you need to follow. Many businesses will have to ask visitors for consent before they can use their personal data. Here is an easy way that this could be done.

1): Consent should be affirmative, specific and unambiguous 2) Details of recipients and data controller 3) Purpose of processing and notification of profiling 4) Duration 5) Withdraw consent 6) Link to complain, correct and transfer data 7) Can decline

Enable visitors to easily withdraw consent from your Trust Badge.

The GDPR specifies that it shall be as easy to withdraw as to give consent.

Install Secure Privacy to enable users to withdraw consent from our Trust Badge in just one click.


You are always in control

View all consents and visitors to your website. Show documentation upon request as IP address, location and more. Manage visitors, consents with ease from one intuitive dashboard. Export visitor and consent data as needed and upon request from authorities.


Works on mobile and desktop works beautifully on both mobile and desktop. Our fully integratable solution makes you compliant across major platforms.

Install It Once. Easily Manage Compliance.

Install our script once and automate your compliance and risk management effortless. If you use WordPress, we have a simple plugin that you can install and get started with.


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