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All-in-One Website Compliances

A complete toolkit to help your organisation become compliant online.

Multiple Website Support

Multiple Website Support

Manage multiple websites and subdomains from one central billing dashboard.

70+ Languages Supported

70+ Languages Supported

Secure Privacy automatically displays consent banners based on the country they visit from.

Consent Management Made Easy

View all consents and visitors to your website. Show documentation upon request as IP address, location and more. Manage visitors, consents with ease from one intuitive dashboard. Export visitor and consent data as needed and upon request from authorities.


Powerful Web Scanning

The GDPR requires you to document what personal data you hold, where it's stored and who you may share it with. Perform a website audit scan with Secure Privacy and discover your legal risk profile.


Secure Privacy scan more than 1000+ plugins, cookies and solutions and works across most websites in the world.

Make it Effortless for Users to Change Permissions

The GDPR specifies that it shall be as easy to withdraw as to give consent. Install Secure Privacy to enable users to withdraw consent from our Trust Badge in just one click.

Tailored Privacy Notices as Required by GDPR

GDPR requires your consent banners to be specific, unambiguous and easy to understand. Use our pre-defined text examples or change them as you see fit.


Integrate on leading platforms

Add cookie banners and privacy policies to your favorite CMS and website platform.


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Ready to make your website compliant?

Just follow the 4 steps below…

Step #01

Scan your website for trackers and solutions. Navigate to the top of the page and enter the website URL to get started.

Step #02

Sign-up for a 14-day FREE trial after you've scanned the website. This will start the onboarding.

Step #03

Customize the design to fit your brand. Change the text in your privacy notices to tailor it to your customers.

Step #04

Add our script to your webpage(s) - similar to Google Analytics, or simply install our WordPress plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Why would I need a solution like Secure Privacy?

You need the ability to document and demonstrate consent (GDPR article 30). Our solution will continuously track and document this on your behalf.

You also need to comply with the obligation to inform  (GDPR article 13). With Secure Privacy, you are able to demonstrate what trackers you have on your website and how users can block these.

Lastly, one of the key components of GDPR is transparency. Use our tool to communicate who your DPO (Data Protection Officer), what you track and why, what your DPO mailbox is etc.

Can I get started today?

Yes, you can. Scroll to the top of the page and enter the website URL you wish to make GDPR compliant.
If you need a demo, feel free to contact us at hello at

We have other GDPR questions. Can you help?
Yes, we can. We have written a guide on GDPR with some of the most commonly asked questions about GDPR. You can find it here. If you need an external DPO (Data Protection Officer) for your company, than we have partners who can help you. If you have other questions, feel free to drop us a line at hello at
Can I block cookies from being injected until we have consent?
Yes, you can. We call this feature 'Prior Consent'. You are can read more about it here.
Can I try the product for free?
Yes, you can. Our Basic Plan is free forever. It is limited in features, but not in time nor users. See our pricing here.
Can I cancel my account?

You sure can. Go to your administration panel at any time, and you will find cancel in the account section.