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Secure Privacy seamlessly integrates with your Magento store to make it fully compliant with the latest data privacy regulations. Our powerful cookie banners and consent management tools empower you to protect user privacy, build trust, and avoid potential fines.

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Data Privacy in the Magento Era:

Beyond Cookie Banners

Gone are the days of simple cookie banners. Today's data privacy laws, like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, demand a comprehensive approach to user consent and data management. Secure Privacy equips you to navigate these complex regulations with confidence.

Key Changes Affecting Magento Stores:

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    Mandatory Consent Documentation: Record and store user consent choices for audits and compliance.

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    User Opt-Out Rights: Enable visitors to easily withdraw previously granted consent.

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    Third-Party Tracker Management: Control how third-party trackers collect personal data, including IP addresses.

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    Specific, Unambiguous Notices: Craft clear and informative cookie notices tailored to your specific data practices.


Unlock Effortless Cookie Compliance

with Magento Integration

Secure Privacy integrates seamlessly with your Magento store, ensuring a smooth and efficient compliance experience. Discover a suite of powerful tools designed to protect user privacy and maintain your brand's reputation.

Boost Privacy Compliance with Magento Integration:

1- Robust Cookie Banners: Display fully customizable cookie banners to collect user consent effectively.

2- Comprehensive Consent Management: Manage user preferences, opt-outs, and consent records effortlessly.

3- Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Track compliance status and manage settings with ease.

Boost Privacy Compliance with Magento Integration

How Secure Privacy Empowers

Your Magento Store

Secure Privacy offers a comprehensive and affordable compliance solution, packed with features designed to streamline your Magento store's data privacy journey. Key Features:

  • Universal Preference Center: Give users full control over their data with a comprehensive dashboard where they can easily manage consented cookies, granularly adjust preferences, and even withdraw consent at any time.
  • Cross-Domain Consent: Streamline compliance across multiple domains with a single, seamless consent process. No more patchwork solutions or confusing experiences for your users.
  • Full Customization: Make Secure Privacy your own! Upload your logo, personalize fonts and colors, and tailor cookie notices to perfectly match your brand and site aesthetic.
  • Geo-Location Targeting: Focus your compliance efforts where they matter most. Show cookie banners only to visitors in regions with specific data privacy regulations, like the EU, CCPA areas, or LGPD-covered countries.
  • Simple, Beautiful UI: Providing a positive user experience is vital for building trust. Secure Privacy's intuitive interface makes managing data preferences a breeze for your visitors.
  • Flexible Script Loading: Control how scripts and tracking tools behave with granular precision. Choose which scripts load by default, which require consent, and which remain disabled entirely.
  • Privacy Policy Generator: Generate a comprehensive and legally compliant privacy policy tailored to your specific data practices and Magento configuration. Save time and ensure you're covering all the bases.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Today's users are mobile-first. Secure Privacy's cookie banners and preference center look great and function flawlessly across all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • 70+ Language Support: Reach a global audience with cookie notices and preference options available in over 70 languages. Break down language barriers and ensure smooth compliance around the world.
  • Detailed Cookie Declaration: Provide crystal-clear transparency about the cookies your Magento store uses. List cookie names, providers, purposes, and expiration dates to empower users and build trust.
  • Consent Log for Audits: Maintain a secure record of every user consent action. This detailed log provides irrefutable proof of compliance in case of an audit or investigation.

Ready to experience the power of data privacy compliance? Start your free Secure Privacy trial today and see how easy it can be to protect your business and your users.

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