Simplify Compliance with Google Consent Mode V2 & Secure Privacy

Secure Privacy's seamless integration with Google Consent Mode V2 simplifies compliance and enhances marketing efforts.Achieve seamless adherence to data privacy regulations while optimizing Google Ads,Analytics,and GTM

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Maximize Google Ad Performance
with Consent Mode V2

Unleash the full potential of your Google Ads campaigns. Secure Privacy's integration with Google Consent Mode V2 ensures optimal ad performance while maintaining compliance with privacy laws. Stay ahead in digital marketing while respecting user consent.

4 Key Features Focused on Google Consent Mode V2

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    Real-Time Consent Data Synchronization for Google Analytics

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    Enhanced Google Tag Manager Integration for Dynamic Consent Management

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    Automated Compliance Updates for Google Services

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    Seamless Google Ads Optimization Post-Consent

Google Consent Mode

Streamline Your Google Analytics with Advanced Consent Features

Leverage Secure Privacy’s advanced features for Google Consent Mode V2. Gain deeper insights and maintain data integrity in Google Analytics while adhering to global privacy regulations

Boost Privacy Compliance with Google Consent Mode Integration

Achieve Comprehensive Compliance with Google Consent Mode V2

Secure Privacy offers a holistic approach to compliance with Google Consent Mode V2. From custom cookie banners to detailed consent logs, our solution is tailored for seamless integration with Google's latest privacy framework.

Key features include:

  • Automatic Adaptation to Google’s Consent Framework Updates
  • Custom Cookie Banners Aligned with Google’s Specifications
  • Detailed Consent Logs Compatible with Google’s Audit Requirements
  • Geo-Targeted Compliance for Google Ads in Various Regions
  • User-Centric Design for Enhanced Engagement on Google Platforms
  • Compliance-Centric Script Management for Google Tools
  • Privacy Policy Templates Compliant with Google’s Standards
  • Mobile Optimization for Google Users on the Go
  • Multilingual Support for Global Google Audiences
  • Transparent Cookie Declarations for Google’s Compliance
  • Consent Management Across Google Ecosystem
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