Effortlessly Achieve Compliance on Your HubSpot Site

Secure your HubSpot website's compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and EU Cookie Law using our seamlessly integrated, powerful HubSpot cookie banner.

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Beyond Cookie Banners:

Navigating Data Privacy on HubSpot in 2024

Today's data privacy landscape extends far beyond simple cookie banners.

To ensure HubSpot GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliance, consider these key requirements:

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    Documented HubSpot Cookie Consent: Obtain and store clear records of visitor consent.

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    Opt-Out Capabilities: Empower visitors to revoke previously given consent.

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    Third-Party Tracker Management: Address personal data collection by third-party trackers, such as IP addresses.

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    Specific and Unambiguous Notices: Provide clear and tailored information about cookie usage, moving beyond generic banners.


HubSpot Cookies: Understanding the

Essentials and Ensuring Compliance

Cookies are like digital breadcrumbs, tracking user activity on websites. While they offer benefits, data privacy laws mandate explicit consent for their usage. Secure Privacy simplifies HubSpot Cookie Consent Management, helping you:

1- Establish comprehensive HubSpot Privacy and Cookie Policies

2- Obtain informed consent from visitors

3- Maintain compliance effortlessly

Set Up your Hubspot Privacy Policy and Hubspot Cookie Policy with Ease

Secure Privacy: Your Partner

in HubSpot Compliance

Secure Privacy offers a robust and affordable compliance solution that seamlessly integrates with HubSpot. Our features include:

  • Universal Preference Center: Empower users with complete control over HubSpot cookies, including the ability to revoke consent.
  • Cross-Domain Consent: Collect user consent across multiple domains using a single cookie banner.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the banner to match your brand, with options for logo, colors, fonts, and text.
  • Geo-Location Targeting: Display the banner only to visitors from specified regions.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Effortlessly manage settings and preferences.
  • Flexible Consent Options: Choose between "Accept" and "Reject" buttons, and set consent expiration times.
  • Privacy Policy Generator: Create a comprehensive HubSpot privacy policy, ensuring CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD compliance.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Deliver optimal experiences across all devices.
  • SEO-Friendly: Enhance website visibility with SEO-optimized features.
  • Multilingual Support: Reach global audiences with support for 70+ languages.
  • Cookie Declaration: Manually declare the exact types of cookies used, including name, provider, purpose, and expiration.
  • Consent Log: Store user consent information for future reference and compliance verification.

Simplify HubSpot Compliance with Secure Privacy. Get Started Today!

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