March 16, 2022

Beautiful Cookie Banner Designs Aligned With Amazing Brands

We'll show you some cookie banner designs that are  brand-aligned, increasing your chances of communicating with them and possibly accepting cookies.

Most cookie banners on the internet are boring. Website owners usually only care about banner compliance (which isn't always the case), but some go above and beyond and design their cookie banners to match their branding.

Cookie banners can be beautiful. There are some legal requirements they need to meet, but as long as they are compliant, you can design them however you see fit.

By experimenting with color schemes, font styles, and cookie banner copy, you can transform your cookie banner from a boring compliance requirement to a funny and cool way to communicate privacy to your users.

Here, we'll show you some cookie banner designs that are  brand-aligned, increasing your chances of communicating with them and possibly accepting cookies. You can also read more about cookie consent banner examples.

Important note: The cookie banners presented in this article may or may not comply with data protection laws worldwide. We chose them solely based on their design. Use these designs as an inspiration for your own beautifully designed cookie banner, but ensure to get advice on the legal requirements your cookie banner must fulfill.


This cookie banner color scheme is completely consistent with the EasyJet brand. It is placed in the center to draw users’ attention and encourage them to interact with the banner when they arrive. At the same time, it provides enough flexibility to avoid putting up a cookie wall and violating the GDPR.



Binance follows the same strategy as EasyJet. The cookie banner is more subtle than EasyJet’s, but it draws users’ attention to the bottom of the page, where the banner is placed. When the user accepts, rejects, or manages cookies, they will gain access to the website.


Burger King

The Burger King cookie banner is a good example of a well-executed design that complements the branding. The coloring is fully aligned with the rest of the page, despite the risk that users will miss the banner and accept the cookies they want to send. 



Vintageria sells vintage clothes. Aside from that, they serve users with a beautifully designed cookie banner that is completely consistent with their unconventional brand.

Their cookie banner is a work of art: the colors, fonts, button designs, and cookie banner copy are all unique and well-thought-out.

Moreover, the rest of the page is consistent with the cookie banner's purpose. The “Game Paused” message alerts the visitor that they must either accept cookies or manage which cookies, if any, they wish to receive.


Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin is a design studio that also contributed to the creation of the cookie banner. It takes up half the screen and uses a color that is different from the homepage but still consistent with the brand.


Borussia Dortmund 

Borussia Dortmund Football Club is known for its black and yellow colors, which can also be found in its wonderful cookie banner. The club colors are perfectly incorporated in the cookie banner design.


National Geographic

National Geographic has a similar design to Borussia Dortmund, but their banner is placed in the center at the top and requests interaction before continuing to the website.


McLaren Racing

When you visit the McLaren Racing website, the cookie banner in the middle of the screen blends in nicely with the background and the brand colors. It also follows users as they scroll down the website, asking them for a consent.



Strava, on the other hand, provides users with a sleek and minimalistic cookie banner design. When the user arrives at the home page, they have two options: interact with the cookie banner on the left, or sign up on the right side of the page and provide more personal data.



Amurabi is a legal design studio whose job is to make the law understandable to their clients' users. They prove their point by creating this wonderful cookie banner.

Aside from the visual appeal, it informs the user about what they have agreed to.



The image speaks for itself. The Lunchbox cookie banner was designed to get the attention of the user quickly. 

Aside from placing it in the center of the screen, the designers used color that contrasts with the background while remaining consistent with the brand colors. In addition, the buttons are animated, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere created by the website.



Hilarious is a Belgian travel agency with a wonderful cookie banner at the top of their website. The unusual but sleek design, as well as the witty copy, invite the users to accept the cookies.



The visual design of Declamatuus cookie banner is simple and sleek, but it is the text that makes you consider accepting cookies. It is funny and unique, standing out from the boring cookie banners that dominate the internet.



PichiAvo is a group of artists who have decided to experiment with their cookie banner as well. The final result is an excellent balance of appealing visual design and compliance.


The Guardian

Nothing appears to have been added to The Guardian's website when you look at the cookie banner. It is very well integrated into the website, but it requires the user to interact with it before continuing to the website.


Beautiful Cookie Banners with Secure Privacy

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