June 23, 2019

How to add a Privacy Policy button on a website

Add a Privacy Policy button to a website, e.g. in the footer. This guide explains you how to add this with Secure Privacy.

With a Secure Privacy cookie and privacy policy generator you can add a privacy button on your website.

The image below shows an example of how it can look to have a privacy button on your website.

The screenshot is from our own website and the privacy button is located in the footer.

Note: This instruction assumes that you have already installed Secure Privacy on your website.


Follow the following steps to add a privacy button to your website:

1. Go to your account > Privacy Policy > Use on Website > Embedding code.

2. Select the background color that you prefer for your privacy button.

3. Copy the code.


4. Open your web page in any HTML editor.

5. Paste the HTML code anywhere inside the body section of your HTML page.


6. Save your page and your Privacy button will start appearing.

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