Ensure your organization is compliant with these powerful features.

Our Secure Privacy software is easy to use, whether you are a novice or seasoned user. Watch this series of videos that walk you through the features of our software, which are designed to make your website and company compliant.

Laws supported by Secure Privacy

Learn what laws are supported by Secure Privacy and how we support international companies.

Secure Privacy references and case studies

Watch examples and case studies of Secure Privacy customers.

Who is Secure Privacy for?

Learn who can benefit from the features and functionality of Secure Privacy

Build VS Buying a Cookie Consent Solution

Learn the Pros and Cons of building versus buying a cookie consent solution.

What are the benefits of Secure Privacy?

Learn some of the key benefits of using Secure Privacy in your company.

Overview of features in Secure Privacy

Learn the most important features offered by the Secure Privacy solution.

Feature 1: Cookie banner

Learn about the flexible and customizable cookie banners

Feature 2: Cookie policy

Generate a cookie policy with Secure Privacy

Feature 3: Cookie and website scanner

Leverage the automated cookie and website scanner

Feature 4: Preference center

Enable self-service from your website with the powerful preference center

Feature 5: Geo-targeting

Show the correct banners to the right audience with geo-targeting

Feature 6: 70+ language support

International support for more than 70 languages

Feature 7: Consent recording

Document cookie consent automatically

Feature 8: Data request forms (DSAR)

Provide support to data subject access requests with Secure Privacy

Secure privacy website scanning dashboard

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