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We believe in educating people on the laws that should be supported and enforced. If you're looking to educate yourself or your company on what CCPA entails, then this page has everything you need!

What is CCPA?

An quick intro to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

What happens to CalOPPA

Does CCPA affect CalOPPA and other california privacy laws? Do we still have to comply with them?

Who does CCPA apply to?

Watch this video to learn who the California Consumer Privacy Act applies to.

Does CCPA apply to SME businesses?

This video explains whether CCPA applies to small- and medium sized businesses.

What are the CCPA requirements?

Learn the specific CCPA compliance requirements you need to follow.

What are the CCPA fines?

The fines for CCPA non-compliance can be significant. Watch this video and learn how it may affect your business.

Is CCPA the California version of GDPR?

Many people compare CCPA to GDPR. But are they in fact the same?

What is a CCPA Service Provider?

Learn the roles and responsibilities of a CCPA Service Provider

What is personal information under the CCPA

Personal information is a key concept in modern data privacy laws. Watch this video to learn what PI is under the CCPA.

Do I need to obtain consent before using cookies?

Are you unsure whether you need to obtain consent before placing cookies under the CCPA as you need with the GDPR?

Can we sell our users personal information freely?

A significant requirement in CCPA is regarding the sale of users personal information. Watch this video to learn more.

What is CCPA 2.0?

The successor to CCPA will soon arrive. Watch this intro video to learn the basics.

Who needs to comply with CCPA 2.0?

Do you need to comply with the upcoming CCPA 2.0? Learn more in this video.

What changes does CCPA 2.0 bring?

The new CCPA 2.0 brings new requirements to businesses. Learn the specifics here...

Who needs to comply with CCPA 2.0?

Are you one of the people or businesses in scope of the CCPA 2.0?

How do I make a website CCPA compliant?

There are a few basic steps you need to take to make a website CCPA compliant. Watch this intro video to learn more.

Is our website affected by CCPA?

Learn whether your website is in scope of the CCPA.

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