The 7 Key Steps to Making Websites CCPA Compliant and Future-Proof for CCPA 2.0

Generate beautiful cookie banners, document consent and enjoy peace of mind by meeting the CCPA requirements with the leading cookie banner solution.
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Outrider is a VC-backed company, which automates yard operations for logistics hubs. They use tech and automation to eliminate manual tasks that are hazardous and repetitive while improving enterprise safety and efficiency.

Outrider website

Kinecta Bank

Kinecta is banking done differently. They have been operating in California for more than 80 years and offer almost every type of financial service. Kinecta runs Secure Privacy on a number of their web properties providing transparency and clarity around CCPA compliance.

Kinecta Bank website

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) is one of the largest radio station owners and operators in the United States. SBS is invested in television and internet properties and owns the internet portal among others.

Spanish Broadcasting System website

What is CCPA?

Benefits with the
Secure Privacy CCPA module

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Easy to install. Highly Automated CCPA Solution.


Reduce Legal Risks and Avoid Future Costs.


Build Trust with Customers, Employees and Partners.

How do I Make a Website

CCPA compliant?

Powerful Features
to Scan, Collect & Document Consent

Do Not Sell Link and buttons

'Do Not Sell' Link and buttons

Customizable ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Data’ widgets, buttons and links. Enable your visitors to opt-out from having their personal data sold.

data request form

Data Request Forms

Control with Visitor Preference Center. Provide granular CCPA controls to your customers and visitors.

cookie scanning

Website Scanning

Document consent automatically. Document op-in and opt-outs of cookie consent with a fully automated CCPA solution.

privacy policy generator dashboard

Privacy Policy & Cookie Declaration

Automated Cookie declaration and privacy policy generator. Provide transparency to your visitors with updated policies.

Preference Center dashboard

Preference Center

Control with Visitor Preference Center. Provide granular CCPA controls to your customers and visitors.

Consent Documentation dashboard

Consent Documentation

Document consent automatically. Document op-in and opt-outs of cookie consent with a fully automated CCPA solution.

Toll-Free Number banner

Toll-Free Number

Add a Toll-Free number to your website (paid add-on)

Automated Cookie Blocking feature

Automated Cookie Blocking

Auto-Blocking automates the process of setting your cookies, scripts, and tags to respond to the preference selected by site visitors.

international data privacy laws

Future-proof for Other Regulations

Modular architecture that supports CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and new regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CCPA

What is CCPA?

CCPA stands for California Consumers Protection Act 2018. It is the most comprehensive data protection regulation in California and the United States.

It has been passed as a response to the GDPR and other data protection laws. It is not as comprehensive as the EU law, yet it grants consumers with more rights about their data privacy than ever.

The California government was the first ever US state to pass a data privacy law. It has been updated multiple times.

What happens to CalOPPA and other California privacy laws? Do we still have to comply with them?

Yes, you have to comply with any data protection law that is currently in force in California, and that includes CalOPPA and other laws as well.

The CCPA is not a replacement for any existing California data protection law. All of them are in effect after 1 January 2020; therefore, you’ll have to comply with every data protection regulation adopted in the state.

CCPA was meant to complement the current personal data protection, not to replace it. CalOPPA and other personal data protection laws will keep to exist, which means the requirements for your business remain. Introducing the CCPA doesn’t change anything regarding your duties to comply with other California privacy laws, such as the CalOPPA, Shine the Light, and the Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World Act, as well as federal laws such as HIPAA.

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