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Solutions for CCPA and international privacy laws that work on any website.

Secure Privacy offers a complete solution for CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) that supports 'do not sell my personal data', which can easily be integrated into any website.

"Do not sell" for websites

Provide self-service opt-out for advertising and data collection cookies on the website

Ongoing website scanning

Keep the solution up-to-date with automated ongoing website scanning

Consent across websites

Sync consent across systems to avoid an unauthorized sale of consumer data

Universal preference center

Provide consumers an intuitive preference center to manage their preferences

Privacy policy generator

Update your privacy policy with an integrate privacy solution to be compliant with CCPA

Consumer rights management

Allow users to contact and request personal data not to be sold and deleted

Deletion requests

Export logs from advertising and data collection cookies on the website

Cookie consent

Automatically log consent for advertising and data collection cookies on the website

'Do not sell' for websites with the Secure Privacy widget

Provide powerful opt-out for advertising and data collection cookies on any website with an intuitive and simple privacy widget

Universal preference center enabling privacy self-service

Enable true self-service with the Universal Preference Center, which integrates seamlessly into any website allowing consumers to manage consent & permissions. Demonstrate accountability by enabling users to manage preferences on your website with a complete audit trail.

Support for GDPR, LGPD & other international data privacy laws

Available in more than 70+ languages, Secure Privacy offers powerful features to support CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and other international data privacy laws.

Language support GDPR

Integrate on leading CMS and internet platforms

Add CCPA support to the platforms you love and use today

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Secure Privacy offers an automated and integrated solution to your website:

1) 'Do not sell' for websites: Opt-out from advertisement and other tracking plugins using our web widget

2) 'Do not sell' for other systems: A CCPA form from which users can select what data they wish to opt-out from. This can be data in e.g. your SalesForce system.

Yes, we offer CCPA readiness tests, website audits, training and more. Please write us at hello at about your inquiries.

Yes, we offer full support for GDPR among other data privacy laws.
Yes, we offer volume discounts. Please contact us at hello at
Yes, you can. We offer a FREE trial. You can cancel anytime. See our pricing here.

You sure can. Go to your administration panel at any time, and you will find cancel in the account section.