January 18, 2024

Google Consent Mode and Secure Privacy CMP

Discover the power of Google Consent Mode v2 for GDPR compliance. Explore ad_user_data and ad_storage parameters, integrate seamlessly with Secure Privacy's Certified CMP, and future-proof your campaigns while respecting user privacy.

Google Consent Mode is a tool that allows you to use Google products in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It introduces an innovative API designed for publishers and advertisers. This API can be integrated into your consent management platform, allowing the collection of valuable insights from user data. When using tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads, this mode ensures compliance with GDPR while handling personal information.

And now Google has rolled out version 2 of the Google Consent Mode, enabling advertisers and website operators to be fully compliant with the data privacy regulations in Europe without losing the benefits of Google products or violating the laws.

Just as a reminder, Google already had a version of the consent mode that wasn't fully aligned with the GDPR requirements. The new version is a leap forward in terms of privacy.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

Google Consent Mode v2 features two new parameters:

  1. ad_user_data. This parameter redefines how Google Ads tags function based on user consent for ad personalization and measurement. The beauty of this feature lies in its ability to track basic conversions even when personalization is not consented to, ensuring that you don't lose sight of crucial campaign insights while upholding user privacy. You can track conversions while also respecting the online privacy of website visitors.
  2. ad_storage. Similar to the previous one, this parameter is important for managing the behavior of advertising cookies. Consent for ad tracking and conversion measurement is more nuanced, allowing users to opt out of cookie-based tracking while still enabling advertisers to track conversion pings. This feature ensures that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, regardless of the level of user consent.

How Google Consent Mode v2 Works

The operational framework of Google Consent Mode v2 is straightforward yet effective.

  1. Integrate an IAB TCF v2.0-compliant CMP. Start by integrating a consent management platform (CMP) like Secure Privacy, which is compliant with IAB TCF v2.0 standards. This tool is essential for capturing and managing user consent choices accurately.
  2. Send consent signals to Google. Once integrated, the CMP transmits consent information to Google Consent Mode through pings. This transmission is vital for communicating user preferences to Google’s systems.
  3. Tag Behavior Adjustment. Based on the consent information received, Google Ads and Analytics tags adapt their behavior. This flexibility ensures that your digital properties remain compliant and user-friendly while still providing accurate tracking data.

What is a consent management platform (CMP)?

A consent management platform is a tool for requesting, obtaining, and managing user consent. That cookie banner you see when you visit a website? That's, most often, a consent management platform that provides the cookie banner to the website.

That banner requests consent, creates a log when it has been obtained, and stores it to prove compliance.

Secure Privacy is among the world's leading CMPs. Our cookie consent solution can be easily integrated with Google Consent Mode v2 and helps you remain compliant with over 40 data protection laws while still tracking your Google campaigns.

Get your Free Google Consent Mode V2 Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of Google Consent Mode V2? Take a deep breath and let Secure Privacy be your guide. Download our free checklist.

Get your Free Google Consent Mode V2 Checklist

Why Does Google Consent Mode v2 Matter for User Consent Choices?

Google Consent Mode allows users to express their choice—whether they want to be tracked online or not. At the same time, it allows website operators to streamline the process of using Google products in compliance with data protection laws worldwide.

The most notable compliance issues with Google products have been happening in the European Union, where the GDPR has set high standards for online privacy. However, Google products were almost impossible to use by websites without GDPR compliance issues.

The GDPR requires personal data not to be processed until the business obtains explicit consent for the processing, which means Google shall not track you without your consent to cookies and other online trackers.

Where the Google Consent Mode is implemented with a consent management platform, it is easy to respect users' choices.

Google Consent Mode v2 works with the following Google products:

Why Implementing Google Consent Mode v2

Implementing Google Consent Mode v2 is not just about compliance; it's about embracing a new era of digital advertising. Here are the reasons why it's essential:

Compliance. GDPR and other data protection laws require you to respect the consent status that the user has signaled to you. If they did not accept tracking, you must not do so. Until recently, it meant not being able to track the effectiveness of your campaign. But now that has changed.
Transparency. Knowing that you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns while respecting cookie consent choices, you don't have to circumvent the laws anymore. You should respect their privacy and be transparent about how you do so.

Measurement. The ability to track basic conversions despite limited user consent ensures that your campaign performance metrics remain robust and insightful.

Futureproofing. As privacy regulations continue to evolve, adopting Google Consent Mode v2 prepares you for future changes and tighter regulations, keeping you one step ahead.

What Should Advertisers and Publishers Do Next?

To make the transition to Google Consent Mode v2 as smooth as possible, do the following:

Choose Secure Privacy as Your Trusted CMP

Selecting a reliable and IAB TCF v2.0-compliant CMP like Secure Privacy is crucial. It's your first line of defense for managing user consent effectively.

Secure Privacy will make consent management—everything from requesting to storing consent—easier.

Integrate Secure Privacy CMP with Google Consent Mode v2

Our team made it easy to integrate our CMP with Google's tool.

If you have any issues, reach out to our support team.

Test and refine

After implementation, rigorously test the integration of your tags and CMP. Ensure that they function seamlessly and make adjustments as needed for optimal performance.

Use Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager without compliance worries.

You have integrated Google Consent Mode v2 with Secure Privacy, and tests show that it all runs smoothly. That's great. Now you can track your Google campaigns worry-free.

Get your Free Google Consent Mode V2 Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of Google Consent Mode V2? Take a deep breath and let Secure Privacy be your guide. Download our free checklist.

Get your Free Google Consent Mode V2 Checklist