April 11, 2023

Achieve CCPA Expertise: Discover the Ultimate Course for Privacy Compliance

This article will explore the importance of training personnel on the CCPA and CPRA. It will delve into the requirements of the laws, highlight potential risks of non-compliance, and discuss what makes a good CCPA training course.

Businesses affected by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) must train their personnel in consumer data protection. These privacy laws were enacted to regulate the collection, use, and sharing of personal data by for-profit businesses operating in California. These laws impose significant obligations on companies to protect the privacy of California residents, and failure to comply with these laws can result in hefty fines, legal action, and damage to a business’s reputation.

This article will explore the importance of training personnel on the CCPA and CPRA. It will delve into the requirements of the laws, highlight potential risks of non-compliance, and discuss what makes a good CCPA training course.

Does the CCPA/CPRA Require Training Employees and Contractors on Data Privacy?

CCPA and CPRA explicitly require businesses to provide data privacy training to employees and contractors that handle personal information.

Section 130(a)(6) of the CCPA/CPRA states that each business must “ensure that all individuals responsible for handling consumer inquiries about the business’s privacy practices or the business’s compliance with this title are informed of all requirements in Sections 1798.100, 1798.105, 1798.106, 1798.110, 1798.115, 1798.125, and this section, and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights under those sections.”

This means that your employees and contractors who handle consumers’ personal information or ensure CCPA compliance regarding notices, disclosures, consumer rights, handling consumer requests, data security, and other company privacy practices.

This means that if the enforcement authorities ask you to demonstrate compliance with the compliance training requirements, you’ll have no choice but to prove that you have done your part of the job.

Why Is It Important to Train Your Employees on California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

Your company is as strong as its weakest link. Your business has serious risks if your personnel doesn’t handle personal data properly.

There are two main risks related to CCPA non-compliance and untrained employees:

Losing customers’ trust due to privacy issues. Training employees on the CCPA can help you build trust with your customers. The CCPA is designed to give consumers more control over their personal information, and by complying with the law, businesses can demonstrate that they respect their customers’ privacy rights. Remember that this explicit requirement is essential for employees who handle consumer privacy rights requests.

An educated employee will earn customers’ trust easily. Customers are more likely to do business with companies that take their privacy seriously, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Getting monetary fines of up to $7.500 per violation. Since employees often handle personal information, their actions can significantly influence a business’s ability to adhere to the California Consumer Privacy Act. To avoid costly fines by the California Attorney General and potential legal repercussions arising from non-compliance, companies must train their employees on the requirements of the CCPA. Such training will ensure that employees understand the significance of complying with the law and know how to take the necessary steps to abide by it.

You clearly need a CCPA training course for your employees and contractors. But how do you know which one is good enough?

What Makes a Good CPRA and CCPA Training?

Every CCPA employee training should cover several essential aspects that ensure the employees understand the law and the significance of compliance. It should contain at least the following:

Explain the law in simple terms. The CCPA is a complex legislation, and employees may struggle to comprehend its requirements. A training program that breaks down the law into simpler terms can help employees understand its significance and what actions are required to comply.

Provide actionable advice for employees. Knowing the requirements is often not enough for many employees. Training that offers specific instructions on handling personal information, responding to consumer requests, and complying with the law will be more effective in ensuring compliance than only explaining the legal provisions.

Provide best practices. A CCPA/CPRA training should not just cover the requirements of the law but also highlight industry best practices for data protection and privacy. This will enable employees to go beyond the basic requirements of the law and better protect the privacy of California residents.

Be up-to-date. As with any new law, CCPA guidelines and regulations are subject to change. We will see many more regulations in the upcoming period. Therefore, a training program that is regularly updated to reflect the latest CCPA and CPRA developments will keep employees informed and equipped to comply with the law.

On top of that, the training shall give your employees a better understanding of security requirements. It cannot replace security awareness training, where employees would get familiar with phishing, social engineering, cybersecurity, prevention of data breaches, and other information security topics. However, it shall give them an idea of how privacy laws such as the CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and others are closely related to data security.

Final Thoughts

Training employees on the CCPA is necessary for businesses collecting personal information from California residents. By doing so, companies can ensure compliance with the law, build trust with their customers, and stay ahead of the curve on privacy regulations.

That’s why we built the CCPA training course - to give your business a tool to train employees and contractors on handling personal information correctly and avoiding any business risks. It is an online training with multiple modules covering all aspects of the CCPA and equipping employees with specific instructions on what to do in any given situation.

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