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  • Trilha de Auditoria
  • Formulários de Solicitação de Dados
  • Consentimento entre Domínios

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12 Recursos exclusivos enterprise

  • Global Coverage

    Cobertura Global

  • 1+ Year record of consent

    Registros de Consentimento
    de mais de 1 ano

  • Advanced  Management


  • Data Request Forms

    Formulários de
    Solicitação de Dados

  • Scan behind login

    Varredura por trás do login

  • Audit Trail

    Trilha de Auditoria

  • Volume Discount

    Desconto por Volume

  • Cross-Domain Consent

    Consentimento entre Domínios

  • Proffesional Services by Vendor

    Serviços Profissionais
    pelo Fornecedor

  • Custom Feature realization

    Recursos de

  • Enterprise Security

    Segurança Enterprise

  • Account Manager

    Gerente de Conta

Goran R.

Goran R.

Media Program Manager (Mid-Market)

Great Data Privacy Tool

One of the best aspects of Secure Privacy is that they are always up-to-date with changes in laws and regulations, guaranteeing compliance in regard to my sites. I also appreciate that it has specific settings for Shopify and Hubspot, since I have separate websites for my institutional and commercial ventures.

Alexandru S.

Alexandru S.

Marketing Consultant (Small-Business)

Perfect GDPR compliant

I own a small business and don’t have a lot of experience with IT, and after learning that I had to be GDPR compliant or face fines, I had to find something to help me with that. That’s when I found Secure Privacy on Google. I’ve been their client ever since and never had any problems regarding compliance.

Marine M.

Marine M.

Chief Executive Officer (Mid-Market)

TCF 2.0 Framework Implementation

Secure Privacy helped us ensure TCF 2.0 requirements on our website. We found the solution pretty straightforward and its features useful for data privacy compliance.

Jose Mateo Vicencio  Manager at Oracle NetSuite

Jose Mateo Vicencio

Manager at Oracle NetSuite

The Business-Focused Tool for Data Protection Compliance
Secure Privacy has helped us stay on top of our GDPR and CCPA cookie consent obligations since the universal preference center gives our users an intuitive interface to manage their preferences.

Akanksha Agarwal Senior Executive

Akanksha Agarwal

Senior Executive (Mid-Market)

IAB 2.0 Compliance with Secure Privacy
Since valid GDPR cookie consent is a crucial requirement in the adtech industry, Secure Privacy helps us block cookies and trackers with cookie consent banners in accordance with GDPR, CCPA & LGPD

Christian Gito Technology Enabler. Agile Practitioner. Independent Consultant.

Christian Gito

Technology Enabler. Agile Practitioner. Independent Consultant (Mid-Market)

Secure Privacy for GDPR and CCPA Compliance Review
Setting up the solution was unexpectedly easy, complemented with a simple DIY manual.

Natalija Burgieva CEO & Founder at MamaOrgana

Natalija Burgieva

CEO & Founder at MamaOrgana (Mid-Market)

Let Secure Privacy handle your data privacy compliance need
It offers complete solutions for both GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements that integrated easily with our WordPress website.

Giovanna Tassinari Data Analytics | Business Intelligence

Giovanna Tassinari

Data Analytics | Business Intelligence (Mid-Market)

This is why we use Secure Privacy
When we looked around for a solution, Secure Privacy was the most affordable platform available compared to its level of functionality and efficiency in managing cookie consent across different domains for GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliance.

Abubakkar H.

Abubakkar H.

Data QA Analyst (Small-Business)

Great CMP Tool for Businesses in Adtech

When we were assessing the needs for our privacy management obligations under both IAB TCF 1.0 and TCF 2.0, Secure Privacy stood out for us in the market and managed to offer a solution that fits our needs like a hand to a glove.

Apart from their tool being a registered and authorized Consent Management Platform for IAB, it is supported by extensive legal research and succeeds in automating an otherwise complex process of meeting privacy and marketing compliance requirements.

Shane Carman Experienced Quality Assurance Specialist

Shane Carman, CRME

Experienced Quality Assurance Specialist

GDPR and CCPA Website Compliance with Secure Privacy
With Secure Privacy, we have managed to streamline our data protection compliance obligations in one place. With the complete GDPR and CCPA solutions, we are now compliant with the EU and California’s cookie laws, and we are looking forward to complying with Brazil’s LGPD. All in one place!

Nadia B.

Nadia B.

Client Financial Management Specialist (Mid-Market)

Communicate Trust to Customers with Secure Privacy

Apart from helping us comply with LGPD, Secure Privacy helps us show our clients that they can trust us with their data, which we are able to with the Secure Privacy trust badge on our cookie banners

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