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Cookie-Zustimmungen für Unternehmen

Erhalten Sie Zugriff auf unsere erweiterten Funktionen, um die Cookie-Zustimmung in großem Umfang zu verwalten. Cookie- und Datenschutz-Management-Lösung für das größere Unternehmen.

Vorteile für Unternehmen

  • Audit-Nachweise
  • Formulare für Datenabfragen
  • Domänenübergreifende Zustimmung

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der branchenführenden Cookie- und Datenschutzmanagementlösung für das größere Unternehmen

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12 exklusive Funktionen für Unternehmen

  • Global Coverage

    Globale Abdeckung

  • 1+ Year record of consent

    1+ Jahr Dokumentation
    der Zustimmung

  • Advanced  Management

    Erweitertes Management

  • Data Request Forms

    Formulare für Datenabfragen

  • Scan behind login

    Scan hinter dem Login

  • Audit Trail


  • Volume Discount


  • Cross-Domain Consent

    Domänenübergreifende Zustimmung

  • Proffesional Services by Vendor

    Professioneller Service
    nach Anbieter

  • Custom Feature realization

    Umsetzung benutzerdefinierter Funktionen

  • Enterprise Security

    Sicherheit für Unternehmen

  • Account Manager

    Account Manager

Shane Carman Experienced Quality Assurance Specialist

Shane Carman, CRME

Especialista em Garantia de Qualidade

GDPR and CCPA Website Compliance with Secure Privacy
With Secure Privacy, we have managed to streamline our data protection compliance obligations in one place. With the complete GDPR and CCPA solutions, we are now compliant with the EU and California’s cookie laws, and we are looking forward to complying with Brazil’s LGPD. All in one place!

Giovanna Tassinari Data Analytics | Business Intelligence

Giovanna Tassinari

Data Analytics | Business Intelligence

This is why we use Secure Privacy
When we looked around for a solution, Secure Privacy was the most affordable platform available compared to its level of functionality and efficiency in managing cookie consent across different domains for GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliance.

Akanksha Agarwal Senior Executive

Akanksha Agarwal

Executivo Senior

IAB 2.0 Compliance with Secure Privacy
Since valid GDPR cookie consent is a crucial requirement in the adtech industry, Secure Privacy helps us block cookies and trackers with cookie consent banners in accordance with GDPR, CCPA & LGPD

Jose Mateo Vicencio  Manager at Oracle NetSuite

Jose Mateo Vicencio

Gerente da Oracle NetSuite

The Business-Focused Tool for Data Protection Compliance
Secure Privacy has helped us stay on top of our GDPR and CCPA cookie consent obligations since the universal preference center gives our users an intuitive interface to manage their preferences.

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