How to install Secure Privacy on a website

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1: Scan your website & identify risks

GDPR scan

Start by scanning your website against our database with millions of cookies, trackers and plugins.

The system automatically suggest the optimal pricing plan based on the scan and the input you provided before the scan.

Select a plan, enter your credit card to activate the trial. Nothing will be billed during the trial and you can cancel anytime.

2: Setup a cookie consent banner

GDPR scan

Customize your banner to fit your website. Select a theme and place the banner in the top or bottom of the webpage. You can also restyle it with CSS if needed. You can select between a simple and detailed banner design. A detailed banner allows you to include visitor preferences in the cookie banner.

In settings, you can also target the cookie banner to only show for certain visitors e.g. visitors from EU.

3: Install solution on website

Installing GDPR solution

Copy and paste the banner script to your website before the closing tag to setup the script on your website. You can find detailed instructions per CMS below:

4: Setup languages that should be enabled

GDPR languages

You can add multiple language support in the Premium and Unlimited plans. The Basic plan support one language. Default language is English, which can be changed in the language section inside the application.

Banners are automatically displayed and translated between the selected languages to your website visitors. The user’s browser language determines what language will be displayed.

Secure Privacy banners comes pre-installed with more than 70 languages. You can edit the text displayed in the banners if needed.

5: Advanced configuration of cookie solution

Advanced configuration of cookie solution

You have a number of settings availible for for your cookie banner, trust seal and visitor preference center.

The trust seal allows your to increase trust to potential customers to your site. You can change the look and feel, and the word appearing in the trust seal. By default the solution show ‘Privacy’. The logo can also be changed for premium accounts.

The visitor preference center allow visitors to change their preferences what cookies and trackers should be enabled or not.

6: Block cookies and trackers on your website

Block cookies on a website

Block cookies by integrating a tag manager or use javascript rewrite. Read our detailed guides here:

7: Add a privacy policy to your website

Block cookies on a website

You can easily a privacy policy with Secure Privacy if you don’t already have one. Use our generator to create a policy using a simple questionaire. The privacy policy can be added to a page or as a widget on the website. Here are some detailed guides: